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Wigan Little Theatre is a voluntary organisation run by and for anyone interested in providing high quality, wide-ranging, traditional and innovative theatre, accessible to all. Without our volunteers we could not survive. So, if you have some time to spare and would like to become involved in any capacity, you can download a membership form here or request one from the Box Office or via email.

What's involved
One of the questions that many people ask when they join Wigan Little Theatre is “What am I letting myself in for by putting my name down against a particular department?” The information below is intended to give you an idea of the role of each department in the Theatre and the amount of time involved for an average production. However, if you need more information, please feel free to contact the Membership Secretary at the Theatre for more information.

Acting and Directing
Just over half of the people who join WLT have a desire to appear on stage. All members who express an interest in acting are notified of the audition in writing, usually two or three weeks in advance of the audition date. Auditions are usually held at the Theatre, in front of the Director of the production and the Play Selection and Casting Committee. Rehearsals generally take place two or three nights a week, for 8 – 10 weeks before the production starts. If you would like to be considered for the list of Directors, please contact the Theatre for more information.

Members of the bar team are responsible for working behind the bar, which is open from about 7.00 p.m. until 11.00 p.m., during each production. Members often do one or two nights during any production.

The Catering Department sells the coffee and ice creams during the interval of each performance and is also responsible for the Supper Nights for audience group bookings. Most people come down on one or two separate occasions whilst a show is on, and once the washing up is done they are free to go! We also welcome youngsters who are interested in forming a “team” to sell ice creams at the intervals.

Front of House
The Front of House team welcome the public to a show, sell programmes and sweets and staff the Box Office. The usual commitment is for one or two nights during the run of a show. As far as staffing the Box Office is concerned full training will be given on the computerised booking system. Box Office staff are required starting a week before a show and during the run of a show, usually for two or three nights.

Prompts and Properties
Members of the prompt team are never seen – and hopefully never heard! – during the run of a production. Most department members prompt for one or two nights of a show, sitting in the wings with a copy of the script, ready to whisper a helpful reminder if required. The Props Department looks after the hire or purchase of the furniture and gathering the practical accessories that decorate our sets. Depending on the production, members of the Props team may or may not be required for each performance.

Workshop Group
The workshop group takes charge of the design, construction and painting of the sets for each production. As you might expect, the time involved in building a set can be considerable, occupying a large amount of the interval between shows. For this reason, much of this work happens during the day to fir around evening rehearsals.

Wardrobe Department
The main function of the Wardrobe Department is to supply and construct suitable costumes for every production. In addition, the Department is responsible for cleaning, repairing and maintaining the existing costumes.

Technical Support Group
The Technical Support Group are responsible for the design and operation of the lighting and sound for each production. Setting up a new show normally takes place on two or three separate evenings before the Technical Rehearsal, then two or three members are at the Theatre each night of the production to operate the lighting and sound desks and provide any additional services required by the show. Again, training will be given and you won’t be left to work alone until you feel completely confident.

Junior Membership
All members under the age of eighteen are automatically classed as Junior Members. They can audition for productions where appropriate and get involved in other areas of the theatre, excluding the Bar. For information on current workshops please email the theatre and your interest will be forwarded to the relevant people.


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